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Founder of the highly reputed and well known Interior Design and Architectural firm, the karigars, Rajiv Mehta has been at the forefront of numerous state-of-the-art projects for nearly four decades. Over the years, he has successfully executed projects for large corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, showrooms, call centres, large residential spaces, landscaped areas, schools, auditoriums etc. in India and abroad. Signage, graphics and art have been an integral part of almost all of these projects.
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The worldwide web was launched in 1996 and Rajiv Mehta set up his first website in 1998.*/

He ventured into the world of ecommerce and started to design and sell furniture, Art, dresses, fashion products online in 1998.

In 1970, Rajiv Mehta started to design clothes and produced over 50 fashion shows in Delhi attended by crème de la crème. At that time he was about the only one of the very few handful of designers and his shows were covered by leading newspapers and magazines and there was always a word of praise for the innovation in design and production and presentation and sleekness of these shows. He then went on to produce some rock festivals on the lines of Woodstock held in 1969 near New York, where legendary singers of the likes of Joe Cocker performed. This was considered 3 days of peace and music which had a great influence in his thinking and his work.
His present work reflects the harmony in design with simple and soul stirring effects of the likes of the great Santana, Jimi Hendrix and Ravi Shankar who all performed in that great event. There is music in his work and rhythm in the flow of every design that he produces.

In 1972 he launched an advertising agency under the banner of Graffiti. Besides being involved in national campaigns he was involved with graphics and went on to produce events to include Shows with Choreography, production, story line, music, voice, light and sound effects. The graphics were a portrayal of his mind and thinking which he translated into the design form through these events . And this was really the birth of event management in the country. Anything which had a challenge and was creative was Rajiv‘s cup of tea and he took it on with determination and passion and produced results which are still unparralled in ideas, formation and presentation. At this time in 1973 he also ventured into designing a set for a Bollywood movie.
In 1973 he produced a series of Ad Films for the Mafatlal Group, textile giants of the time. He also produced many short films along with a group of creative professionals.

Rajiv Mehta is always looking for challenging assignments some of which he did as a hobby and some of which he went to pursue as his career.
He designed and also made the tableaux for the NMDC and the FCI which were acclaimed and won the award on the Republic Day of India. This is one moment he cherishes as this was a national honour.

The IFA launched the concept of SuperSoccer in 1974 and the Tatas sponsored the event. Tata Steel, Tata Sons and Tata industries assigned Rajiv Mehta the task of organizing the entire event including the Graphics, advertising, a live show and to fill up a Stadium of 50000 people with sale of tickets. He went on to produce an event which every one till date remembers as a complete and whole some show.

Whilst he was busy in his creative arts, he was also studying side by side and participating in Art shows. He was a regular at the Triveni Kala Sangam, the focal point for all creative and fine arts, where he went on to meet and be associated with some of the biggest names that are today.

By now he was also involved in the high end interior design work in Delhi and started the karigars in 1976 the story of which continues.

He started to write for a national Daily, the Indian Express and went on to design interiors of various categories of Flats for government sponsored housing projects. He was providing the common man access to Interior design and space ideas with no cost. Many people wrote back to him with regards to clarifications/queries and thereby he developed a huge fan following. This was an exercise which stimulated him to doing more and more community work which led him to design the first of the series of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Seva Niketan starting from Indore ( MP ).

He ventured to design and do work for schools and colleges including the famous St Stephens College New Delhi under the aegis of the late Dr Anil Wilson and Delhi Public Schools under Padmashri, Mr. S.L. Dhawan.

He is deeply involved with because he believes in providing a platform for every individual who wants to paint and wants their paintings to sell on a free and fair platform. This along with many more was all part of the philanthropy which he strongly believes in.
He has a big dream in He intends to make this the biggest movement in the world and he continues to work on this relentlessly until he chews success and sees a smile on every child’s face in the world. His vision is to get every child under 13 years of age to paint and his Mission is to sell each and every of these paintings.

His dream is to turn "Gift Kid Art" into a Global Movement and he wants to make gifting Kid Art a habit for every occasion.

For Rajiv Mehta the terrace or roof of every house is a waste of space. To effectively put that space to use he thought of converting every roof into a garden for which he launched a website Green for him is the answer to the healthy future of the human race. He is therefore very particular about landscape, water, environment friendly and green products. He imbibes this in every design which brings him to the international platform.


Patent for Water Dispenser

Rajiv Mehta is also an Inventor and has a patent to his name. In 2008 he designed a very innovative water machine/well.

Rajiv employs modern technology, be it with his day to day office functioning or the various places that he designs, keeping in mind energy conservation.
The karigars led by Rajiv Mehta is one of the first companies to have forayed into designing Switch Rooms and cellular and mobile offices and used technology for offices and office functioning in close co ordination with Lucent, IBM, Bose, Nortel, Polycom. He pioneered in India to design one of the first Real Presence room, an international breakthrough in conferencing technology.

Rajiv also specialises in branding and design manuals and has successfully produced standards manuals for Airlines like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, as way back as in 1980 and Agrani ( Part of ZEE ) as way up in 2008 and many more. These are mainly useful for Franchise model of business as also in pursuing to perfection the continuity of design in which he also specialises.


Rajiv is known to do things which are out of the box and sometimes out of his domain but creative and different.
He is totally inspired and is now in the process of designing Lingerie and is all set to launch a website.

For everything that he does there is an inspiration and design for him means any product . ....Graphics, Interiors, Furniture, Outdoors, Sculptures, Terraces Products, Clothes, Style,Fashion, Journalism, Art, Lingerie etc.*/

Rajiv also entered the online market selling design, Furniture, Dresses and Fashion. He entered those markets in India 7 years ago. He intends to re launch soon whilst all the others are running.*/*/*/*/

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